Published on January 20, 2019

July 3, 2015

Regarding the article MPP calls for deer cull (June 25).

What is needed for our area is better management of the deer population. One only has to look at the dwindling moose populations in the north and the ongoing problems with the deer in the southwest to show that the Liberal government has been failing to properly manage the resources in this province.

The goal of deer management in our area should look at the long-term outcomes. Management should not focus only on interaction with humans but also on management of habitat and of predators. We need to ensure that deer populations are healthy and sustainable, which in turn maintains local economies, social benefits and employment throughout rural Ontario.

I have been working with the Aylmer District Stakeholders Committee and other non-governmental organizations and indicators show total deer population in Units 91 and 92 are showing a decline. Although some areas have a high density of deer, others do not.

All fees paid for by hunters and anglers are deposited in a special purpose account that legislates that the monies must be spent on resource management. Proper management of the deer population can be realized by properly utilizing the monies in the account.

Unfortunately, this Liberal government cannot provide an accounting of the fund, which they claim is diminishing. Fees continue to rise while opportunities for hunters and anglers decrease. Deer collisions with vehicles will continue to occur, but with proper resource management and being cognitively aware of our surroundings while we drive, we can reduce these unfortunate accidents.

Jeff Yurek

MPP Elgin Middlesex London

Progressive Conservative Critic for Natural Resources and Forestry