Published on January 20, 2019

February 27, 2014

Ontario’s Family Responsibility Office each year collects about $650 million in support payments.

Elgin-Middlesex-London Tory MPP Jeff Yurek says the office can do a better job getting them to recipients.

“We have complaints each day in our office,” he says.

“Right below energy rates, it’s No. 1 in our office.”

Citing an August report that 135,000 support payments are in arrears, with $2 billion owing, Yurek has launched a petition calling on the provincial government to strike an all-party select committee to look into FRO.

Yurek says it’s not only about money owed spouses. There also are many examples of overpayment.

He says FRO is needed. And it is co-operative when his staff open a file.

But he says there’s an obvious room for improvement.

Yurek launched his petition last Friday and says, “It’s gaining ground.”

He’s hoping it will be taken up by supporters in other ridings as well, and presented to their MPPs.

“We need to make a change in the system and MPPs need to understand the need for them.”

He plans to begin presenting copies to the Legislature as soon as he receives them.

Copies of the petition are available through Yurek’s office at the Canada Southern station, Talbot St., and online through Yurek’s website at jeffyurekmpp.com