Fanshawe College to Begin Accepting Students for Accelerated Personal Support Workers Program

Published on March 08, 2021

ELGIN-MIDDLESEX-LONDON — Fanshawe College will begin accepting applications to Ontario’s new accelerated training program for Personal Support Workers starting today. The program is part of the Ontario government’s $115 million investment to train up to 8,200 new personal support workers (PSWs) for high-demand jobs in Ontario’s health and long-term care sectors. In collaboration with Colleges Ontario, all 24 publicly assisted colleges will offer this innovative, fully funded program. This is part of the government’s Long-Term Care Staffing Plan, one of the largest recruitment and training drives in the province’s history.


“This is great news for both individuals looking to join an in-demand workforce and those requiring care in our community,” said Jeff Yurek, MPP. “Elgin-Middlesex-London is in significant need of personal support workers and I am proud that the provincial government is supporting their education locally.”


Fanshawe College: “The need for health care workers has never been greater and Fanshawe looks forward to welcoming students into the accelerated PSW program,” says Fanshawe President Peter Devlin. “Our graduates will be prepared to make a difference in our region by providing high quality care in the health and long-term care sectors. We thank the provincial government for funding this program and providing career opportunities for our students.”


The Accelerated PSW Training Program is a tuition-free opportunity for 6,000 new students and is expected to take only six months to complete, rather than the typical eight months. After three months of coursework, and experiential learning in a clinical setting, students will complete the final three months in paid onsite training in a long-term care home or in a home and community care environment. Registration for the program is available through the Ontario College Application Service.


The province is also offering tuition assistance to in-process PSW students who started the program at one of Ontario’s publicly-assisted colleges in January 2021. These students will be eligible to receive a $2,000 tuition grant to help them complete their studies, as well as a stipend to complete the clinical placement part of their training.


This PSW training program is yet another way Ontario is collaborating with its partners to provide innovative services and end hallway health care, build a 21st century long-term care system, and respond to the impact COVID-19 has had on seniors and their families.



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